Jetts Time Machine, Vancouver DJ Services.

(604) 879-7257

Servicing the lower mainland & surounding areas.

Started DJing at Rodney Bingenheimer’s English Disco in 1973 a club that was frequented by people such as.Marc Bolan of T. Rex,Led Zeppelin,Suzi Quatro,Elvis,Bob Dylan Iggy Pop,James Williamson,New York Dolls,Hollywood Stars,Zolar X,Silverhead,Joan Jett and Roxy Music.

The music we played was Glitter Rock IE Sweet Slade,Lou Reed,David Bowie,Gary Glitter,Mott The Hoople,Alice Cooper,Suzi Quatro,Bad Company,Iggy And The Stooges,T.Rex and Zeppelin.


To be discussed.

I have my collection documented in a book to choose from.

All hip hop and dance music will be referred to another DJ not my thing.

If music is not selected ahead of time the choice will be mine.

A 5ft long by 3ft wide table must be supplied for DJ equipment. I will supply extension cords and power bars.(There will need to be at least two sets of power outlets.)

Jetts Time Machine

Jett DJing at Rodney’s English Disco